Hi, I'm Dan

Games Designer - Programmer - Graduate


I am a recent graduate of Salford University's BSc Games Design and Production degree, with an Upper Second Class degree. I am driven to deliver, offering professional quality products in creative digital media. Feel free to view my portfolio and see what I have to offer you, and get in touch! I'm always open for collaborative works as well as creating bespoke products right for any need. I can offer services in both the artistic side of a project and in programming.

About Me

I am a highly driven, passionate games designer with a technical mind and an aptitude for creativity. I'm always looking into ways to push the boundaries of entertainment and immersion, and an always open to experimenting to create new fun experiences. Outside of a work environment I love to explore the world around me and find things I may otherwise have missed, whether this is just getting lost in a new city or walking about with friends playing Pokemon Go. On top of this, I'm driven to help others however I can, such as by being an active member of my communities, and through volunteer work. I'm a very creative minded individual, and like to use this in many different outlets. I'm an avid Dungeons and Dragons player for this reason, as I believe this sort of activity helps to develop me through situations I otherwise would not face. I also always carry a sketchbook in case inspiration strikes. I end up going through a lot of them!

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