Beyond the Sta'rrrs: Beyond the Board ARrrr is a reimagining of the board game for a new, innovative experience. The game will have mostly the same concept, of swashbuckling adventures in space, building a crew and coming out on top with the most gold. The experience however, will become much more immersive. Each card will have QR codes subtly embedded onto them, which when scanned by the app will show up with 3D models of their respective ships and members.


The game will be able to be played through the app and through traditional means, with dice rolls and movement being done on the board, and random tile placement, enemy moves, and combat taking place through the app. The app will guide players through set up, such as placing certain elements on the board, and will show the player what they need to do when the vicious Galacten is due to come into play. 

The game will be done by making use of ARKit and AR Core to accurately display the game world in the palm of your hand. The main goal of this project is to give players a more immersive and fun experience, while also changing the way people think a board game can be.  

I've also got a mode planned called  "Space Solitaire". Through the app, players can play the full game solo, meaning that any time is a good time to play Beyond The Sta'rrs! In Space Solitaire, there's nobody to hear you scream....

Below is an example of how the UI could look, overlaying onto the board to show movement range and a player plotting a path forward.