Cloudpoint is a lighthearted take on the Action RPG genre, incorporating features from dungeon crawlers, rogue-likes, and community simulators. Cloudpoint is set on a floating island of the same name and follows an engineer who, after watching her friends and classmates be kidnapped at their graduation, has the task of rescuing them from the pesky Pawrates. She is joined by her trusted cat chef companion, and must make it through the lighthouse the Pawrates have taken refuge in. The Pawrates kidnapped the engineers to help them steal a magical crystal powering the lighthouse, and it's up to the engineer to stop them and save her friends. 


The game is a third person dungeon crawler in which the player has to defeat enemy pirates and climb the lighthouse. To do this, the player has an arsenal of abilities, such as light and heavy swings with the great-club wrench, dash and charge attacks, and even a propelled turret. The player is not alone, and has a fighting companion to assist as both an attacker and as support when needed. There are a wide variety of enemies with distinct combat styles and techniques. On this project I worked on various programming tasks, as well as a wide array of art tasks, including weapon design and environment art. Below are examples of these. You can click on any of the images for a full description of it.  I upload all of my models to Sketchfab, so if you want to see the models in a full 3D environment, click the button below!  You can also download Cloudpoint on at