On December 7th 2018, our world was invaded. The earth cracked and a chasm appeared, and it seems to be acting like a portal of some kind. Researchers sent drones into the chasm to investigate, but they disappeared without a trace. Recently, there’s been reports of attacks in the areas around the chasm, with one witness claiming to see someone being attacked by “the air around him”. Rapid breakthroughs in research on the subject however reveals something daunting. The chasm brought vicious extra-planar predators which seem invisible to humans, almost as if they’re not fully on our plane. These creatures have been dubbed Revenants. 


EVOCORP, the group leading the investigations, has managed to develop a selection of tools and research breakthroughs on the matter. The first, is that their main weakness is now known to exploit. Revenants are incredibly weak to sound, with at specific frequencies, and at loud volumes. From this, the second is a set of weaponry designed to combat these predators. These tools are harmless to humans but incredibly deadly to the Revenant. Finally, and most vitally, EVOCORP have developed the EVOCORE, a visor that allows visualisation of the Revenants. The Revenants are predators made essentially of sound and death, seen though the visor as horrifying forms cloaked in static. 


You have just signed up with EVOCORP to help drive back the Revenants. The area around the chasm has been contained for now, but it’s unknown how long for. It is your duty to stop these creatures, and push them back through the chasm they emerged from. As you repel these creatures, the boundaries will shrink. However, these boundaries are not enough to just outright kill a Revenant. This is due to not being able to focus the audio power enough into one blast. If even one Revenant escaped it could end up anywhere, and that would be catastrophic. The fate of our world and plane is at risk, but we have the skills, research, and technology to save it. 




EVOCORE: Planes Reforged is a game played in two ways. Firstly, in the real world, the EVOCORE team will be in a physical play area with AR headsets on and physical Sonic Blasters (Guns). Players will also have various abilities, such as sonic grenades, a temporary forcefield, and a turret drone. Players will also have access to the CORE Companion app, which functions as a radar on a players phone. This will update periodically to show the locations of other players and Revenants. The play area will have a limited area bordered off as explained in the plot, with cameras, microphones, and GPS tracking for the whole area to make the experience as accurate, immersive, and interactive as possible.  Enemies are only seen through the AR headset, and will be made up of two kinds of enemy class, AI and live human players. The AI will have paths and stick to packs and certain spots in the play area respectively, as to replicate some animals.


Human players for the Revenants make up the second way to play EVOCORE: Planes Reforged. These human enemies will be players on VR headsets, allowing for a similar but varied experience. Revenants attack through melee attacks but will also have a screech that can temporarily disrupt the EVOCORE Visor. The Revenants are heavily sound based, so the VR environment will reflect this, essentially being a dark black and red version of the play area scanned in to look like it’s seen through echolocation.  


Future plans for EVOCORE: Planes Reforged will include further locations, increased play areas, and possibly an expansion allowing more players outside the arenas, in public areas in the form of a mobile based AR game where players can fight AI Revenants who may have escaped. 

Evocore Concept Base UI
Basic UI Concept

This is the general UI concept for the AR Aspect of EVOCORE: Planes Reforged. It's designed to be relatively light, with the visor providing a bluish tint as to replicate the device scanning the environment. This currently has placeholder areas which will be replaced with more fitting elements.

Evocore Concept Alert Smaller.png
Enemy Approaching

When an enemy approaches this will flash up on a player's visor. The flash will last a few seconds and allow players to prepare for combat. It is designed to allow players to still see when it's onscreen. 

Evocore Concept enemy smaller.png
Enemy Screen

This is a basic concept of the Revenants in the game world. Since the game is going to be played in real environments, having fully detailed 3D enemies for the Revenants could break immersion. Instead, this is an early concept look of how they will be displayed. Since the Revenants are heavily noise based, I decided to make them appear as coloured static noise, giving an air of mystery to how the creatures actually look. Humans can only see their basic shape, which is a step up from without the visor where they're completely invisible.

CORE Companion App

Evocore is designed to be played via an AR headset in a real world play area, so to guide players we've developed a companion app that functions as a radar for enemies and other players, by the red and green dots respectively. it also shows players the boundaries of the play area. This wont constantly update, but on preset intervals unless a player has the ability to scan more frequently equipped.