World's A Stage is designed to show you just how much rich culture there is around you, and to make it enjoyable. It functions not only as a culture map of your local area, but also as a social platform to see what your friends are doing and allows you to keep up to date with live feeds from your favourite artists and performers.

The world map has starred hot spots which act to guide the user to points of interest across the world, such as street art, statues, and historical interests.

On top of this, World's A Stage has rich AR functionality, with certain key spaces, known as "Immersion Points" being set up to have vibrant scenes and activities. Planned "Immersion Points" include The Stage in MediaCityUK, and Sackville Gardens. 

These "Immersion Points" will offer highly interactive experiences all from the mobile app.  Future plans for these experiences could include tie ins with local creators and spaces, such as HOME, or the BBC.  

There's so much out there, and it's our goal with World's A Stage to guide you to experience everything that there is to offer.